Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tip Of The Top Hat To Young Jake

Jake and I are still playing with the Suave Guy webcomic. And currently, the storyline that we are reconstructing is pretty fracking stoopid. The original, I mean. Ours is actually a little less so. Which is scary.

Anyway, yesterday I threw him a loop by giving That Suave Guy a dance routine. So today, his new post has That Suave Guy following the dance routine with a song. Really.

Bearing in mind that he mostly had to use commas instead of line breaks 'cos of the software we're using to make new speech bubbles, I think he did a surprisingly good job in rather short time, so I'm giving him a shout out. Check the latest Suave Guy adventure here!


  1. Great work on Jakes part, and in other comic news I just read on Jenny JWoww Janssen facebook page that Bill Keane died


  2. Brilliant! A vast improvement over Mandrake the Magician.

  3. Yep. Bill Keane died. But that's okay. Because we couldn't possibly live without the hilarious fucking antics of the Clueless Munter family as chronicled in the Family Circus, could we? Turns out Bill Keane's inbred son 'Jeff' has been churning out the tripe for several years now... and we never noticed.

    Bondi: I dunno about brilliant, but we're both having a lot of fun. It's a hoot. We're trying for some continuity, of course, but there's also the element of leaving behind something really twisty for the next guy to pick up. I was heartily impressed by Jake's ability to take the dance segment and segue to something resembling a song. And I liked the way it played out against that stupid backdrop... really looked like a kind of 1940s Hollywood musical routine!

  4. Nah mate, it is funny. The disconnected bits give it a certain surreal/pythonesque quality.