Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Lung Cancer Either

Not that I expected it.

I got the results of my recent CAT scan today. Lungs all clear. Normal. No action required.

Can't say I'm at all surprised. I'm not a smoker. The only risk I can think of would be possible brief exposure to old asbestos while carrying out urban spelunking missions at Uni of Qld back in the 80s and 90s. And besides, I would have figured lung cancer to do more than give me an annoying cough which has been fading away.

I do believe my doc is now planning to investigate me for reflux, on the theory that cryptic, low-level reflux may be irritating my airways and causing me to cough. I wouldn't know, I suppose. I'll co-operate, and be a good lad.

Heh. Nat and the boys are enjoying their newfound association with the Launceston Community Orchestra. They get to play actual music, and do it together, which makes for a happy house at times. I like that.

One of the pieces they play is "Norwegian Wood". Since someone asked at the dinner table what the song was supposed to be about, I sang it through for the kids. I like Norwegian Wood. It's a cool tune, and the low-key description of the encounter between the singer and the girl is reminiscent of more nights of my misspent youth than I can readily recall. Except I never slept in a bath, because I'm too damned tall for that.

Anyway, once I was done with the song, we went back to eating. Finally, the Mau-Mau looked up. She was clearly troubled.

"Why in the song didn't they brush their teeth?" she asked plaintively.

Good question. So, Mr Lennon: why didn't you include a line about brushing your teeth in your classic song, there? Inquiring five-year-old minds want to know!

The new Telstra account seems to be working well. It will be nice not to have this loud satellite modem on my desk any more. I can use the space, and it will be great to hear the rest of the house again.

I'm also in the process of changing over one of my oldest email accounts. It's a long, tedious process, but there's no point in paying for an inferior service when something better and more accessible is offered free of charge courtesy of Google. But I do wish there was a better way of shifting all my contacts across. That's what I get for using non-standard email client software, I guess.

I suppose this also marks a goodbye to Foxmail, which has been my preferred email software since somewhere around 1997. Ah well. Never mind. I didn't much like the most recent versions anyway...