Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Days It Just Doesn't Work

Younger Son had an attack of creativity this morning. He dragged a fucknormous cardboard box into the house -- it had previously been used as an archery target. Then, with his Christmas-present multi-tool plus a few common household items, he went to work.

Half an hour later: lo! He had his very own "Army Tank". There were guns on the front and the sides, and a flap on the back to let him in. There were vision slits above every gun, and on top there was a red radish which was, according to him, "the siren thingy."

Better still, he had mooched a bag of party-poppers from somewhere, which meant he could even fire his cardboard-tube guns at will.

I decided a brief video of the Army Tank would make a good post here. So I got out the little camera and took a couple of short clips - one of the Army Tank on the move, and one of it firing its main gun.

And that's when things went south.

First, the camera tried to run out of batteries. I beat that, though. Then Windows Moviemaker crapped out on me. It kept crashing every time I told it to assemble the small, simple movie. Eventually I went through a full reboot of the computer, and at last, I got the thing made.

It's not big. It's an easy little 1.5meg WMV file. I figured I'd just upload it to YouTube and lock it in here, the way I did a while back with the little movie that I made over the top of that Irish piece we were playing together.

Uh huh.

First there was the satellite "broadband" system to deal with. After I rebooted the actual satellite modem twice, and the LAN server once, I finally got data moving in both directions. Yay me.

Then I got into YouTube, and told it to upload the movie. Okay, fine.

Whups. No. Not fine. Why not? I have no idea. It says the movie is 0.0 seconds in length, and on my video page it says "processing, please wait". When you try to play the fucking thing, it says "this video is not available.".

I've been through that routine twice now. I'll do it once more, just for the trinity, and then -- fuck it. I've got better things to do with my Saturday.

Sorry about that.


Army Tank FTW!