Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gearing Up For Swine Fear

So. In not too long, I'll be off for a couple days to the mainland. National SF con time. And of course, that means airplanes, and airports, and lots of close contact and recycled air breathed by people who've been hanging around people who've been gettin' close to people who've got The Dreaded Swine Flu.

Can't really say I'm looking forward to that. Particularly as -- lucky me! -- I seem to have already caught my mandatory pre-Con Upper Respiratory Tract infection. Mild sore throat last night, felt vaguely like unwiped shit all day, increasingly irresistible and imperative cough happening now.

Well, fuck.

At least I'll have an excuse to buy a couple of those goofy masks from the pharma folk to wear on the 'planes and round the airports. I probably ought to get one and wear it whether or not I'm unwell... but if I'm coughing, people will be glad to see I've got a facefull of filter paper, I guess.


In other news, Kate the Westralian Medical Student has come a-visiting once more. She's part of a programme that seeds med students out to rural medical practices around Australia for short periods, and this is her third and final trek to Scottsdale. It's a shame, really. Kate's a sweetie. She's gone to the pub with Nat this evening to be part of the music scene - and she's even taken along the Mau-Mau, which is great. Natalie still gets to play, the Mau-Mau gets to dig on the music, and I don't have to contend with herding three increasingly boisterous kids around the pub until something goes bwoinnggg! and the wheels fall off.

Yay for Kate! Actually, all the medical students we've had come a-visiting have been great. The programme in question is called the John Flynn Scholarship Programme, and if you know any medical students, you might recommend it to 'em. They get paid to do a couple weeks in rural posts, accommodation included. They see some really interesting medicine, hang out in places they might not go otherwise, and maybe get a feel for doctoring in the bush. Good gear!