Sunday, June 21, 2009


Vegetarians of the world: you may now gnash your teeth and weep tears of purest rage. For lo -- Science has at last discovered the Cure for the Hangover, and IT IS BACON!

Yes. That's right. Greasy, fat dead piggy. Grilled, fried, whatever. And... look, you Jewish folk, I'm terribly sorry, but this is Science, and it brooks no argument. God has, I'm afraid, played a cruel and unpleasant joke upon you. At least those of the Islamic faith are forbidden to do what it takes to get a hangover in the first place, so they're not behind the eight-ball on this one.

As for the rest of us -- well, I don't know what everybody else has got planned, but I'm about to crack a bottle of brandy, and set sail for a big, big bacony breakfast on the morrow. Hooray!