Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Amazon: Homophobia Is So Fucking Reagan-Era...

Dear Mr Bezos.

Speaking as someone who's dropped a bundle on your Internet store of All Things Mediasque, I'm pissed off with your recent decision regarding Amazon's handling of books by gay authors, or books with gay characters. I'm not gonna repeat your chunder-headed blunderings at length: your cock-up (or is that expression too gay for you?) is all over the 'Net over the last 36 hours or so. But if anybody really needs to know what you've done, this article records the matter nicely.

Conservatively, I'd guess I've spent between $400 and $500 through Amazon in the last twelve months. It's been nice. I've been able to source all kinds of great books and movies that would otherwise never have reached this part of the world, and I've been able to send really interesting presents to a number of friends and relatives courtesy of your service.

Too bad you're behaving like a clueless dickwad, Mr Bezos. Because as of today, my customer relationship with Amazon just crashed and burned. I'm done with your store, you pathetic hick, and that will remain the case until I see a turnaround in your Victorian-era policy towards material created by, or featuring, people of alternative sexual persuasions. I may be straight, Mr Bezos, but that doesn't mean I'm afraid of the gay crowd -- and I note that some of 'em can write with the best of us.

Enough with that Bezos cretin. As to the rest of you: those who may be in my sorry position -- stuck out in Outer Arseburp, a long way away from anything resembling a comprehensive bookstore -- I'm gonna copy here a post from my buddy Dr Jon, a righteous dude in his own way. Dr Jon has a Livejournal account, and he called this post: "Amazon Alternatives"

Looking for something and don't want to Amazon Rank?

Number One:
    Metasearch for new and secondhand books (includes Amazon results -- ignore them). First place I turn when looking for something.
Other places I use and recommend: Here's some more large regional stores...

There you have it, folks. Do the right thing, eh? Oh, and Jeff Bezos?

Screw you.

Yours very goddam sincerely indeed,

Ex-customer Dirk Flinthart.