Monday, March 30, 2009

Because Everybody Else On The TOC Is Doing It...

Those of you not familiar with New Ceres -- it's a shared-world setting for writers who want to explore a 28th century planet that's collectively decided to live under 18th century technology and morals.

I like shared-world settings, especially as a writer. I find that the restrictions provoke all kinds of ideas. Those of you who read Angel Rising will know that I've had tremendous fun with the setting, and with the character I dreamed up for it -- George Gordon, "Proctor-General" to New Ceres.

Angel Rising marked the official end of Gordon's career as a proctor. The first story I wrote about him -- Waiting For The Dawn -- was set around the middle of his career. So, naturally, the story that appears here is the story in which he first gets the job, and it explains a bit more about him, and about why he took on such a peculiar job in the first place.

The list of writers on the TOC is pretty hot, and I'm chuffed to be there too. You may recognise a few writers from my Canterbury 2100 anthology here, as well. Gotta say, it feels a lot better sharing a TOC with them than it did constructing the TOC around them! Anybody interested in a bit of Australian short-story SF, you could do worse than this.

Table Of Contents:

Debutante — Dirk Flinthart
The Widow’s Seven Candles — Thoraiya Dyer
Code Duello — J C Hay
Murder in Laochan — Aliette de Bodard
Tontine Mary — Kaaron Warren
Fair Trade — Stephen Dedman
A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight — Matthew Farrer
Prosperine When It Sizzles — Tansy Rayner Roberts
Candle to the Devil — Sue Isle
Blessed Are the Dead That the Rain Falls Upon — Martin Livings
The Sharp Shooter — Sylvia Kelso
Smuggler’s Moon — Lee Battersby
The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart — Angela Slatter

New Ceres Nights is now available for presale.