Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey -- A Competition Of Possible Interest

There's an array of Australian spec fiction books to be had for the successful entrants of a competition being held at A Writer Goes On A Journey. For those of you who just like reading this stuff (or even watching) you can enter in the 'review' section. And for those getting their toes wet in writing, you can shoot for the Flash Fiction (500 words) section.

The books are pretty nifty. (One of 'em is an anthology with a contribution from yours truly.) It's a bit Australian-oriented in terms of ability to enter -- calls for an Australian postal address, which I think is a bit rough on our Kiwi compatriots at the very least -- but if an Oz postal address is the only requirement... well, how difficult can it be to come to an accommodation with a friendly Australian?

Free books and a bit of fun. What else could you possibly want?