Monday, March 7, 2011

God I Love NT News

Long-time readers of this blog will know that from time to time I will reference the broader media -- usually with regard to some issue I consider to be important, but frequently to highlight some piece of utter nonsense that makes me giggle.

In the latter department, the Northern Territory News seems to crop up with disturbing regularity. And once again, that august body has not disappointed:

Flying dong dings bucks party goer

You can click the headline above to find the full text of the article. It is a piece of journalistic glory from yesteryear, replete with innuendo, alliteration, and piss-poor punning. Most importantly, it brings to light a serious issue of OH&S that lesser mainstream outlets are simply too fearful, too cowardly to cover.

All crap aside, I love the NT stuff because it's a window onto an Australia that seems now gone. The complete lack of propriety, the broad humour, the willingness to believe that we're all in on the joke together -- I miss that, in these buttoned-down, uber-sensitive PC modern days.

Yeah, I know. It's crass. And not infrequently offensive, if you choose to take it that way. So sue me: I grew up in Far North Queensland, where people rode liloes down flooded rivers and hurled empty beer bottles at the saltwater crocs to make 'em keep their distance.

It's a complex world. I miss the kind of place and time when you really could hope to solve most problems by sitting down with the opposition and cracking a slab.