Wednesday, April 8, 2009

National Broadband Net? Ha!

Beeso's curious as to my outlook on the NBN posited by Kruddy boy. Well, first I'd like to recommend the following link to y'all:

Crikey! to the rescue

The lads at Crikey have provided a reaction-shot to this thing that pretty much mirrors my own thoughts for the moment. I will add only one more thing, though: Kruddy's promise is 90% of Oz homes. Everyone else gets to suck satellite and wireless -- the same sack of useless electro-shit, redolent with latency and dropouts and overcrowding and brutally high user-costs that I'm currently using.

I also note that Australia is basically 90% urban. So if I read Kruddy right, he's laying out $43,000,000,000,000 of our bucks to ensure that people who can ALREADY get broadband will get MUCH FASTER broadband (with inbuilt censorship hardware, no question about it) and those who currently cannot get broadband can suck it.

So -- WTF is new, then?