Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Chinese Porn Spammer

Dear Chinese Porn Spam Person

I'll make you a deal.

I've noticed the last few times you've put your inevitable link to some porn site or another in the comments section that you've actually gone so far as to include a comment. Not only that, but your comments have been creeping towards relevance.

For example: in the previous post, regarding my family and I preparing to go on holiday, you wrote 'Readiness is all'... and then added the porn link.

Now, I've got nothing against porn as such, as long as it's all about consenting adults, y'know? So if you really want to put links to porn in the comments on my blog... why should I care? The only reason I've been kicking your links off the comments is because you add nothing to the discussion.

'Readiness is all' is almost a contribution. But it's not good enough, I'm afraid, because it's a platitude. A cliche. A meaningless statement that incites no thought, provokes no reaction, achieves no end, adds no value. And therefore, your comment got the boot.

So here's the deal: you make yourself an active contributor hereabouts, and I'll leave your porny linkages in perpetuity. Because I truly, really, don't care if you're hawking porn, as long as it's legal and non-harmful.

But your comments have to show some kind of thought and insight. They need to be relevant. Bonus points if they're actually funny, by the way.

Okay, Chinese Porn Spam Person. The deal's on the table. What do you say?