Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dodgy Satellite Stuff II

What the fork is an EsN0?

The techie on the phone was concerned when we talked. My satellite modem system had an EsN0 of 4.4 at that time. Apparently the maximum is 12, but it's supposed to be at least 6. He was concerned by my low EsN0. Very concerned.

I asked him exactly what an EsN0 might be. He couldn't say, exactly, but the fact that my EsN0 was so low concerned him. He was concerned, he told me.

I've just checked it again. My EsN0 is now down to 3.60. So -- I should be more concerned, right?

How concerned should I be? Is this just a generic sort of concern, or should I be stocking up on food and ammunition? Do I need to alert the authorities? Are there any bylaws or regulations regarding low EsN0 that I should be aware of?

I'm definitely concerned.