Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Bit Of Fun

There's those of you floating around here who aren't always in the loop on my stories, and so forth. That being so, I thought it would be useful to put a link right here:

That would be a straight-up SF story (yes, Mr Birmingham, I do 'em with or without elves and dragons) of about four thousand words or so.

Um. It's not a very nice story, you understand. There's some naughty words in it, and some very bleak thinking. But I like the central premise, and the choice that the protagonist has to make by the end, and the implications/questions it leaves. So... check it out, find out for yourself, see what you think.


  1. Thanks a good read. Still don't believe in pre-determinism though, future information would change immediate decisions but not behauviour.

  2. Doesn't matter one way or the other to me. The crux of the story lies in whether the protagonist is actually choosing... or whether he's rationalising a choice he doesn't have. And I like it as an open question.

  3. Very nice! Any plans for a sequel?

  4. Nah. For the story to be what it is, it has to stand alone. I don't want to go any farther, because I want myself to be haunted by the idea of the choice that he may or may not be making.

  5. Great story, it and Mira Grants Deadline are my two favorite zombie stories this year. I was worried I had missed your story in my Oct/Nov edition of Cosmos mag, but you story seems to only appear in the online version. I obviously need to transfer to reading the electronic edition.

  6. Actually, I really didn't see that there was much choice for your protag in this at all.
    Smoking hot blonde whos happy to put out more than he's ever had before ??
    Civilisation never stood a chance ;)