Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is It Too Early For Christmas Crap?

To which the only sane and civilised reply must be: yes. It is too early. It is ALWAYS too early.

Unfortunately, girls of six years old (going on seven!) are neither sane, nor civilised. Today, Natalie and I received this... list of demands. For Santa.

I like to think the image will expand if you click on it. But what would I know? Blogger is... blogger.

I added translations, by the way. Just so you'd understand the full depth of the Mau-Mau's convictions regarding her role in "Chissmiss".

...a fucking hovercraft? REALLY?


  1. The Skyward Sword I believe is the latest incarnation of the Legend of Zelda, didn't know if it came in Lego. Robin Williams and his daughter have a lot to answer for (latest advertisement for wii Legend of Zelda feature him and his daughter who he named yes you guessed it Zelda).

  2. Hey, *I'd* like a hovercraft! A cleaning 'bot would be pretty nice too. Or a maid. Hm. Maybe I should start my list now also. That's one nice thing about buying all your own gifts....

  3. What a glorious and potent parenting opportunity to teach the important lessons of disappointment.

    Unless, of course, the list is a joke. And if it is, it is a very, very good joke.

  4. Tragically, my not-yet-seven-year-old daughter doesn't have the right sense of humour. It would have been a marvellous joke. It will become, as you observe, a valuable lesson in disappointment!

  5. You really need to stop her reading Birmo's blog.