Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye, Inigo. Goodbye, Darth Vader - And A Thousand Others.

Only one source I've found for this so far, but AICN is usually pretty reliable.

It looks like Bob Anderson has finally met his match.

If you don't know who Bob Anderson is... I'm very sorry for you. Or rather: you know his work. You just don't realise it. And when you do figure it out, you'll be as sad as I am, I expect.

I hope that wherever he's gone, they've got swords. (And I hope they're not dumb enough to try and keep him out!)


  1. I am depressed such that alcohol cannot dull.

  2. Welll... the guy was close to ninety years old. And he'll be remembered. I watch some of those films almost yearly, and I think of him every time.

  3. Oh, not the actor. Mandy Patinkin is alive and well. But the man who created all the swordfights for Inigo... he died. And he also did the swordfighting as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, jumping into the costume to replace David Prowse whenever Vader needed to sling his sabre.

    Bob Anderson also mastered the swordfights for the first (and most entertaining) Pirates Of The Caribbean film. He also taught Viggo Mortenson how to be a sword-wielding Aragorn, and he did fights and stunts and sword work on so many films there's no point in trying to cite them all. He actually worked with Errol Flynn!