Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh, Humanity.

Every now and again, amidst all the universal assholery and madness, between the destruction and the despair and the unbelievable, aggressive stupidity, something else happens.

Sometimes it's something special: so meaningless, and yet so beautiful that the meaninglessness of it becomes glorious in its own way.

This is one of those things:

I'd have made a direct link of it... but for some reason, Blogger no longer permits that. I guess they want me to use their "updated Blogger interface".

Oh well. Enjoy the site, people. There's hope for humankind as long as this sort of madness remains. Ah. Here. Direct link.

 I must say: this new interface isn't very attractive.


  1. How many endangered trees did those Asian bastards MURDER to enact that shameful display, eh? EH???

  2. Not enough. Haven't you seen the second Lord Of The Rings movie yet? Those barky bastards are DANGEROUS!

  3. Wonderful, may I offer
    as the Western version?

  4. Now if had been Pachelbel Canon I'd have been impressed.

    But really that's some impressive audio design and wood work.

  5. Cannon in any form is impressive Barnsy, have you watched this version?

  6. That was fucking brilliant. made me think there's hope for the species yet.

  7. DAM!....fkn rocked somfin FKN FIERCE!

    And have a good one too!..