Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Problem With America... really simple, when you think about it. They just elected the wrong black guy to the office of President.

See? Much better idea.


  1. You really want a bible quoting, pistol packing, big on vengeance president, black or otherwise?

  2. Jyggdrasil how would that situation be any different to most of the US presidents of the past. At least with the head of SHIELD in charge we'd get superheros.

  3. Mr Barnes sums up the situation quite nicely.

    Personally, I find US politics completely cartoonish. To clarify: I'm sure that out of the public eye, where the corporate forces work unconstrained, it's all very efficient - but the public side is just spectacle. Cartoon. Tom hits Jerry! Oooh! Jerry hits Tom! Pow!

    In that sense - yeah. I think the cartoonish, overblown movie identity created around Samuel Jackson would work beautifully in the American Presidential arena.

    And you know... the difference between a bible-quoting, pistol packing, big on vengeance Samuel Jackson and a bible-quoting, pistol-packing, big on vengeance cowboy actor really just comes down to skin colour and Alzheimer's, doesn't it? And maybe the quality of B-movie either actor inhabited. Plus I get the impression that Mr Jackson is packing a few more IQ points than Mr Reagan ever carried.

  4. Hey I am all in favour of superheroes. As for the rest, I must have been too obtuse because the two of you have simply pushed further ahead with the point I was alluding towards.

  5. Clarifying: figure he can't possibly do any more harm - and he'd likely be a whole lot more fun to watch. If you're gonna do Government by Cartoon, at least make the cartoons entertaining!