Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Photos And Stuff.

As usual, I really don't know how this stupid blogging software is going to order these photos. I can never remember whether it's backwards, forwards or sideways. So you'll get what you get, in the order you get it, and you'll deal with it. Or not.

Right. Now, for those who may not be aware, my residence lies along one of the Tasmanian highways which host the yearly Targa Tasmania, a road race which is apparently very well known and popular worldwide amongst people who... errr... like to drive expensive cars very quickly around road which really aren't designed for that.

To many people in Tasmania, it's a major highlight of the year. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a petrolhead, so for me, it's just that day in April when they close off my driveway from 0700 to 1200, so the kids don't go to school, and poor Nat has to get away very early indeed to avoid leaving the hospital a doctor short. And then, of course, it's about three hours of loud car noises.

The kids like it, though. The day off is appreciated, and we always make a point of going up to the top paddock to have a look at some of the competition. Not that we know much about it...

That's a car. I'm sure of it. It was going pretty quickly, too.

This is another car. Notice that it's a different colour. The kids were quite taken by the fact that it didn't have a roof. I don't think they'd ever paid attention to a convertible before. This car was also going quickly.

Oh! And this photo has nothing whatsoever to do with Targa Tasmania. It was, in fact, taken the other day when we were all down the beach at Bridport, keeping up with two sets of visitors at once. There was Gemma and her two kids, and at the same time, there was Nat's dad, and his wife. It all got a bit manic at times, but it was a nice day. And as you can see, the Mau-mau was delighted by the chance to play chasey with the waves.

And this photo shows Younger Son, doing the lost-and-lonely-on-the-beach thing. I like this shot very much. The composition is good, and Younger Son was ambling along with just the perfect attitude. It helps that he's a striking young lad in his own right, but the timing was rather good.

Oh - I should mention that Younger Son has finally earned a name here in these annals. Even as Elder Son became 'Jake Flinthart' after the WorldCon in Melbourne, Younger Son has laid claim to "Genghis Flinthart" as his own.

And frankly, it suits him. Therefore, Genghis Flinthart he shall be henceforth.

Which brings us to this last photo: Jake and Genghis raptly enjoying the race at about 0800 this morning. They watched about five minutes worth of cars going past, and then the urge to race around like loons overwhelmed them. In this picture, they're playing their very own combat game called "Star Trek Punch-Out". The rules are simple: each player takes on the role of one of the more violent of the Star Trek regulars, and then they swing wild, slo-mo haymakers at each other, reeling back with hilariously exaggerated expressions of dismay whenever their opponent takes a swing at them.

It's unnervingly like the fight sequences from Old Trek, actually. But Genghis's occasional cries of "Khaaaaaaaaan!" lack that special something which only The Shat could ever bring to the screen...


  1. Lovely pics (not the ones involving large hunks of metal moving at a rapid pace).

  2. You're very kind - but I've got a decent camera, and a useful lens, and good subjects. Digital cameras really do make things much easier. No more agonising about composition: you just get it roughly right, then click away.

    I must have a dozen of the Mau-mau in the surf. There were only two of Genghis in that particular area, though -- a bit of good timing.

  3. Mr Flinthart!

    I went to the theatre tonight to see Mr Shaun "Arian" King, aka JB from my Felafel, do his thing in a production of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical.

    After the show, his girlfriend reminded hi that he had a "message" for me. Shaun grabbed me, laid on a massive snog, then said "THAT's from Dirk Flinthart!"

    Nicely played sir. Nicely played. :)

  4. My regards, Ma'am. You do realise that in order to send the message properly, I had to pass it to Arian first, right?

    There was a certain degree of horror on both sides. I'm glad, therefore, that the message was received in the proper spirit!

  5. Yes, and Sarah did say that you and Arian lingered slightly longer than he did when he passed it on. But then, how can I compete with the pure love that dare not speak its name? ;)

  6. You mean beer? The shindig we were at had Boag's. I'd have kissed Oprah Winfrey if it woulda helped...

  7. ...okay. Maybe not. There wasn't THAT much beer.