Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Did I Not Know About This Stuff Earlier?

The awesomeness that is home-use iron-on transfer paper, that is. See that T-shirt above? the adorable little butterfly-fairy with the face of my daughter? What you can't see is the excitement my daughter exhibited when I gave her said shirt.

Printed it up via my inkjet printer, by the way. But apparently I could have just drawn on the transfer paper with felt-pen, if I wanted. How did I not know of this stuff before? $12.50 (plus a little postage) gets you five A4 sheets to play with -- from once again, of course. I am more impressed with that mob every time I deal with them.

Right. Hey, I got some down time today! For real! The kids got snaffled by the Mad Viking Neighbours for a few hours. Natalie wanted to go do her Big Exercise thing. I decided I'd take a bit of time to watch "Black Dynamite", because I'd heard that it was an extremely clever parody of all those horrid old '70s Blaxplo flicks.

So there I was, stretched out on the bed, watching my dopey movie, when Natalie came up, gave me a bottle of cider and a bowl of spiced popcorn. How cool is that? Not only did I get to watch a movie, but I got snackage too!

(Yeah, I know. It's pathetic what cheers me up these days. But trust me: an afternoon free of kids, watching a dodgy movie with tasty snacks - that's pretty fraggin' good, right there.)


  1. Twelve fiddy is good. We got them from office works for like 20 bucks. The transfers tend to break down if they are worn and washed alot. Great fun, have made some shirts too.

  2. I'm jealous. I want to be served drinks and snacks whilst watching tv too!

  3. Sounds like the better part of my time with Jenny :)

  4. Not pathetic at all. I understand *completely*.

    BTW - your tshirt is on its way, tho it will be a few weeks before it arrives. ( I went with the cheap postage :p )

  5. Cheap postage is perfectly sound. It costs a metric fuckload to ship shit between your end of the world and mine.

  6. Actually, if you are going to ship anything to me I'll give you an Australian address that shunts it into the dip-bag. Said parcel then reaches me in Canada for the cost of local postage. It doesn't work so well going the other way.