Sunday, August 1, 2010


House-sitter - check.

Cats and dogs organised - check

Pet rats farmed out to Amazing Neighbour Anna - check

Chooks organised - check

Packing - check

Documents - check

Electronic bumff (video recorders, cameras, music machines, rechargers, memory sticks, batteries, netbook computer, etc) - check

Children - squabbling perpetually

Wife - teetering

Sanity - sadly missing.

I fkn LOVE holidaying.


  1. Here's hoping the actual event is considerably more relaxing. But there are times when it seems hardly worth the trouble, aren't there?

  2. Good luck with everything, and I hope you enjoy it once you get there!

  3. Sounds like a blast! hahaha. No srsly, I'm sure all the prep will be worth it and you guys'll have a nice time.

  4. Have an awesome time. Bring stories!!!

  5. wicked, but yeah, the leed up can be a cast iron bitch, all but certifying you for the fkn nutter factory. What I love and you mention it, is just how much electronic paraphernalia we take with us on holidays now. ITS FKN HUGE!.

    OH, and seeing as I am still writing about Borneo and its really about to start to kick off in populated areas etc...Somebody in your clan had better be gathering brochures, taking notes and keeping H in mind, This really is a fact finding trip for me you know...not sponsored..but for me none the less.

    Have a great Holiday,