Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Make-A-Wish: For God's Sake, Stop This!

...because my children are now all camped out under the high-tension power lines, trying to catch leukaemia.


Make-a-Wish Foundation Gives Boy a Millennium Falcon

It's every little boy's (and computer nerd's) dream to fly the Millennium Falcon. For little Christian Bently, however, this dream actually became a reality.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation granted this 9-year-old's request to have a Star Wars–themed fort in his backyard complete with a kick-ass construct of the fastest spaceship in the galaxy. It was delivered to Christian on Monday and serves as the topper to his illustrious fantasy fort.


Rest of the article is here. Who knew a simple cut-and-paste could transfer so much? Blogger has become sophisticated...


  1. Can I set my tent up next to them? :)

  2. I got an Aneurism from having a stick thrown at my head. Wonder what would happen if I got a tree...