Friday, April 2, 2010

Blogger Is Getting Really Buggy

I guess it's probably because I use a Yahoo account to check in. They're trying to Nazi us all into Gmail/Google accounts, probably to try and shepherd us into the ever-expanding cloud of Googlegarbage. I'm not big on social media at the best of times. The only reason I put Dirk Flinthart on Facebook was because people kept noisily inviting me to do it. Now I have possibly the planet's most derelict Facebook page... yippee.

Anyway, I really don't want to try to jump through the hoops associated with shifting the ID on this blog to my Gmail account. But one of these days I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do it. As it stands, I'm having a lot of trouble lately in commenting on other people's blogger output. If you haven't heard from me in a while, I probably just got tired of error messages...

Meanwhile: it's Day Four of the the Solo Parent Trek. Natalie's in Canberra, at the National Folk Festival. I keep getting text messages with questions about whether I want a silver-and-blackwood whistle (fuck, yes... I mean, is the Pope a Nazi? I mean, kiddie-fiddler? NO! I mean Catholic. Jeez, what an embarrassing set of confusions, eh? Sorry about that, Your Holiness.) and what size tricorn do I think the boys take, and does this electric fiddle make my bum look big? You know: the usual stuff. I think the bank account's gonna take a hit here.

It's been a challenging week. I allowed myself to take Monday night off sword training, but made up for it by having dinner with two (totally gorgeous) medical students. When we first organised it, Natalie was supposed to be home - but then all kinds of stuff went pear-shaped, and she realised she'd booked a flight on the Monday afternoon, so it was just me, the kids, the lovely medical lasses... oh, and Mike the Historical Neighbour who dropped by just on sundown as he does from time to time.

Good timing on his part, I must say. We had grilled kebabs of chicken, and separately of vegetables (one of the medical maidens was a vegetarian) with a spicy peanut sauce, and we had a part-stir-fried, part-steamed dish of tofu and Chinese cabbage (the vegetarian medical maiden can cook, as well as being tremendous fun, and cute) and then we tackled the making of profiteroles.

Strangely, that didn't go well. I've never actually had profiteroles not work before. It was disturbing. I think the mix was too runny, and I think I should have set the oven to all-over heat, not just base heat. But it was unnerving. I didn't like that. Neverthless, they tasted damned good, so we ate 'em anyhow.

Wednesday went peculiar because on top of the usual martial arts classes, the primary school had a Movie Night, and Elder Son went. So... on top of the bizarre do-si-do of children (I actually pick up six kids every Wednesday arvo from the school, and take 'em to ju-jitsu. Various other parents get involved in sorting 'em out afterwards, usually.) with Natalie being away, and Elder Son needing to get to the movies... yeah, it got very complicated. Very complicated indeed.

Meanwhile... yeah. Today I managed to finish stitching together and decorating a medieval-style tunic for Younger Son. There's a medieval fair tomorrow over Exeter way. Chances are I'll take the kids for a while. We need an outing, and they'll be delighted by the chance to prance around in their cloaks and hoods. I'll break out the Big White Shirt, dust off my best Elizabethan English, and we'll see what havoc we can raise, eh?

House is in good order. So are the grounds, more are less. Children clean, fed. I'm a bit behind on a range of different work, but I'm doing the best I can on that... Natalie gets back Sunday night. We'll do the Big Easter Egg Thing on Monday, to include Nat's sister, and Little Cousin Zanna. After that, maybe I'll get a bit of time for myself.

As it is, I'm trading off on sleep at the moment. That only works for so long...


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  2. don't forget your moccasins! Enjoy and get some sleep sometime. You wear me out just reading your blog.

  3. Wow, someone from Korea is being all universally philosophical before directing you to porn.

  4. Mate, I get it a FKN LOT, especially when i try to post comments here. Its normally an essay I have written and then the whole shebang goes fkn tits up when i select an ID. Mind you, its prolly part my fault, but if I am at work, then logging into word press or MY ID's before hand is simply not an option. It drives my fkn balmy at times and I scream right up to the edge of PC Armageddon..

    I run Gmail, have fkn a YAHOOOOYIPPY fkn account, prolly got blogger somewhere and thats not counting WORDPRESS, Flicker, Youtube and FUCK! KNOWS WHAT ELSE. some bastard needs to find a one fits fkn all ...jesus fkn wept. I hate, positively hate the number of fkn logins and we dont recognise shit thats prevalent around the so called user fkn friendly fucked up, big corporation, we don,t give a fkn toss sol long as the fkn inconvenience is great to you and we have five hundred fucking yards of your personal account fkn info which btw we promise never to fkn well let it out, unless of course we get hacked or some fkr comes up with cash in which case it off to the fkn highest fkn bidder. fuckers, big screaming dung pile of custard headed, aresewipes the fkn lot are!.

    there..glad i got that out of my system.

  5. PS, have a great easter as well.

  6. That's a Chinese woman who also visits my site and not always sure of translation but seems harmless enough...

    Dirk, you and I ran the best of the best message board, teaching site of all, waaaaay back when. They still don't really get it, now do they?

    Which is why I ride horses and let it all go...

    Sad, but there you go then.

    Love you.

  7. bigskygirl..I find fires arms deliver a natural sedative for me....

  8. Struth FH, do you only get hot med students visiting? No ugly ones, with personality problems?

  9. Bondi: quite seriously, I think it's the rural environment. The ones that commit themselves to going out into the boonies all seem to have the Best of Medicine at heart. They're not all complete babes (there are some blokes, after all!) but pretty much every one that's come through has been very, very cool. And as it happened, this particular pair were also very babely.

    There have to be SOME benefits to living on the edge of civilisation, with three kids, trying to make up for the schedule of a rural GP!

  10. I'm convinced that Facebook is The Devil and I refuse to participate in it.
    Am constantly amazed when I wander into someone's house and they've got someone's facebook page open on the dining room table for all the world to see and read. Colour me paranoid but I can do without that.

    The thing that really creeps me out about Facebook is that every time you see one of those Teen Tragedies (car crash/murder victim/ecstasy overdose) within minutes of it happening, the media has some ghastly photo of the kid from facebook, and they always manage to find one in the worst possible taste, i.e. 'Look at me, I've had a pint of tequila, my mascara is dribbling towards my tits and yes, that is nipple you can see through the diaphanous garment I am clad in.'

    It never lets me sign in as Quokka here. Not that I visit much but it does love to hate me when I do.

  11. Quokka -- I agree completely about Facebook. You'll note that my entry assures the world I'm female. The rest of it is nearly as accurate.

    I do like your photo description. You're not wearing nipples under your diaphanous, tequila-stained garment right now, are you?