Monday, November 2, 2009

The Reviewer's Burden...

I read a Dan Brown Novel.

I wish I hadn't.

Go and read the review, and bask in your good fortune at not having to read the book yourself.


  1. 'gagged like a first-time porn starlet with a throatful of John Holmes'

    Start as you mean to continue. That's epically stellar. And cheers for taking one for the team.

  2. hahaha
    And true!
    and hi! by the way :)

  3. other plot holes:

    Hasn't the guy heard of torches? Didn't see the point of all the darkness crap in the lab

    He says at one point that the lab is totally RF shielded but her mobile works? go figure?

  4. (Couldn't comment from work on their blog.) The McDonalds analogy was very apt. The nearly inedible for the insufferable V The nearly unreadable for the illiterate.

  5. That's the most entertaining thing I've read this week. Cheers Dirk

  6. Thanks, folks. And 'Hi' to you too, MickH. The task of the reviewer is occasionally a painful one, so it's nice to know some good comes of it...

  7. mate..posted a comment at Cool shite, now either I crossed some line that I'm not aware of or i screwed up with ENTERING THE POST!...? Cheers.

    OH BTW..I pissed myself laughing..wicked review

  8. Incredible! I adore your ability to skewer with grace.

  9. I don't think that any review which references 'gagging on a throatful of John Holmes' could really qualify as 'graceful'... but I'll agree there's a certain style to the piece. Mind you, given that many words to play with, it's possible to do quite a lot. I like reviewing online.

  10. Bwahahahahahaha

    I use snippets of Brown as exercises for writing students on what not to do, evar.

    I can;t belive you found that many words to even criticise it - 'Shite' is plenty!