Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Bloglinks In A Row? Yeah... But You Really Need To See This.

A talking piano. No, really. It's a piano. It can only make the range of noises a piano makes. Except that some SuperNerd has done a frequency analysis on the voice of a child, and then rigged a mechanical device to play the keys of the piano so it returns those proper frequencies.

The freakin' piano talks. And it is deeply, deeply bloody unnerving.


  1. The dissonances ARE freaky. Probably because they opted for an instrument with an evenly tempered pitch range and not something electronic that could have reproduced combinations of sliding tones.

  2. Oh, yeah. An e-instrument woulda been too easy, anyhow. Just sampling, innit? But... say, a hundred or so violins all being mechanically played at once -- that would have been interesting.

  3. Oh great.

    Next, a talking train. That Sparky kid was right.