Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gotta Love Those Censors

Hi. I'm back. Proper update soon. Meanwhile, this:

I'm hoping to buzz across to Melbourne soon and catch a flick with a couple mates. One of those chaps -- Barnesm -- works for a government department. In the past, I've had minor difficulties with the Naughtiness Censor attached to his work email, so when I sent a note suggesting maybe we could catch a Sam Raimi movie together, it looked like this:

Subject line: Drag Me To Heck (Don't want to offend the cuss-filter, do I?)

Text Body: Hey -- what's the odds of arranging a Sam Raimi session say, sometime around the week after next? Yeah, I'll miss Birmo, but it would be forkin' magic to catch "Drag Me To Heck" with you and GBob and Struggers...


The reply I received was this:

Inappropriate phrases/text have been detected in
your recent email, this email has now been
quarantined. This email will now be viewed by the
system administrator and one of a number of actions

1. If the email is work related or if the original
quarantine was based on a false positive, the
email will be forwarded to the intended recipient
within 2 business days.

2. If the phrases/text detected are deemed offensive
the email may be deleted.

3. If the phrases/text detected is deemed abusive or
threatening it may be recorded and reported to our
legal department for appropriate

Repeated transgressors may be banned from emailing the organization.


Ahem. I guess I'm a repeated transgressor now. Good thing Mr Barnes was willing to send me an ever-so-slightly-less censored email account...


  1. Lame! But you'll totally dig "Drag Me To Hell". Loved it!

  2. Thank Christ they don't do this crap to university accounts. As it is most of my emails to and from the boss (who's even more sweary than me) maxx out the chili counter on Eudora.

  3. FLINTHART'S back! Yay!

    I think the email is hilarious...I don't even bother giving out my work email address to anyone...just tell people they can email my personal account and I'll get back with them later (I only have very limited 'net access at work) or they can text me.

  4. YOU have been WARNED!!!

  5. Jen - yup. Personal email is default. The internet routes around censorship - and a censored email is one you just can't give out to normal humans.

  6. But how much would it be to see what you can get THROUGH?.

  7. Moko's got a point. I think you need to take an opportunity to see what you can get away with sending.

    And maybe it got flagged because Raimi is the Basque word for some deviant sex act.

  8. Yeah, nothing to do with the content I suspect they have Flinthart marked as a 'dispreputable sort' or a 'threat to good order' so just automatically bounce anything he sends.