Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey -- Did Somebody Order A Winter?

Holy sheepdip! That was fast. Where the flock did that come from? Couple days ago it was all shirt's off, snoozing under the sheet with the windows open. Then all of a sudden, it's Tasmania!

We've had a couple days of rain now. No -- three, actually. And not just rain: that cold, wet, insistent, continuous rain that characterises a Tasmanian winter. In keeping with the them, temperatures have plunged. We've got the wood heater going, and all the windows are misted up on the inside. When the clouds opened briefly this morning, I saw a fresh snowfall atop Mount Barrow. Thought about taking the kids, but the weather was too dodgy. I have no desire to find myself trapped on the mountaintop when the weather really closes in - and given that it only got worse all afternoon, I think that was a good decision.

I hope we get a real winter this year. It's been a bit dry and warm for the last three in a row. We need a serious winter's worth of rain to bring the aquifers back to life, and refill the whole hydroelectric scheme, and generally remind mainlanders that the don't want to be here, no sir, far too wet and drippy and cold, that's right, ignore those flowers...

Indoors stuff today. No chainsawing for me. Just a lot of reading, editing and writing. I made hot chocolate for the kids, played Scrabble with Natalie -- and whipped her arse something terrifying! -- made pizzas, etc. With the woodfire burning and the world outside dissolved into a grey-green mist, gentle rain falling on the roof, the coziness of this house beggars description.

May winter treat all of you as kindly.


  1. Ooooh yeah - it was cold in Sydney today with 80km/h winds. Brrrrr. And the TV weather forecast has just announced overnight temperatures of 4 degrees!!!! Time to pull out the feather doona. I know it's not cold by Tasmanian standards, but it makes for a brisk cycle to work in the mornings!

  2. i'm in brisbane and it's 7:30pm and 24 degrees here. It was 30 degress here at one point. what is this winter you speak of

  3. I had the woodfire heater going last night and all today. There is something more warming about the heat from an actual fire.

  4. Uamada: I left Brisbane for a reason.

    Kimmywoo: ...and I didn't move to Sydney for a reason.

    Nautilus: yep. It's the older, Imperial-measure thing. Fires put out British Thermal Units, not kilojoules, so it's much warmer.

  5. yeah, have to love it. Blowin a fucking gale here today, football was a BITCH for the kids at least, I stayed in the car on the boundary line..drinking coffee, they won, and thats all that really counts for them, all wet and muddy. temp was 10 c, but with the wind chill factor and rain..brrr, just plain old fucking cold.

    An indoors day for sure

  6. Yep it would have blown a dog off a chain here in Sydney, as Kimmywoo said. And getting colder too. But next week is the start of the Winter Swimming Season at the Icebergs! Woohoo!