Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Refugee From Journalspace.

Crash, boom. Down go the servers. Zip! Zing! Awayyyyy forever goes the content.

Lucky* me. I've been duplicating everything I did at Journalspace into Livejournal. I've lost nothing - except, of course, the community. And since many others have migrated here... hi!

I'll be around. There will be more to read soon enough. Meanwhile, happy new year to everybody.

* if you think luck had anything to do with it, you really don't know me.


  1. Hi Flinthart!

    Glad I found you, as you've led me to a whole load of other J-Space refugees.

    It's terribly sad; well done on backing up - J-Space was always a secondary blog for me, but it has made me think about saving more stuff from my Blogger one!

    Look forward to reading your adventures in '09.

  2. Glad to here you've backed up, and nice to find you again. Bangar.

  3. You know FH there are laxatives available for your "backed up" issues.

  4. Good to see you around again, sir! Hope you had a Happy New Year.

  5. DOOD.

    Happy New Year mah matey arrrrrrgh

  6. Thankgoodness - I'm not alone!
    HNY to ye all.

  7. Happy New Year! I've gotten most of the old crew back on the rolls.

    Good to see you're still around.

  8. Hi Flinthart
    Paul Boylan is at

  9. is my new blogspot home.