Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glutton For Punishment

Well -- momentous news! The Mau-Mau has just gone six consecutive nights without wetting her night-nappy. She has been rewarded with copious praise and chocolate. Tonight is the seventh night. If we get through this one dry, I'm going to make a great fuss over putting the nappies away for good... though I will put a protective undersheet on the mattress, of course.

And in other news: I'm looking after six kids today and tonight. My three, and three of similar ages from up the road. It's a good match: their youngest is a daughter, just five months older than the Mau-Mau, and the two boys are similarly situated with my lot. So today, their parents get a break. I'll make a lot of pizza, and tonight, they can have a movie festival in the shed, then crash out in sleeping bags.

Mind you... I've already overseen the archery, and the bubble-blowing, and the drinks, and we're about to head down to Scottsdale for pizza ingredients and lunch, and frankly, I don't envision getting very much done today.

That's okay. It's a holiday, I s'pose.


  1. 6 kids - akin to herding cats that is.

    Well done for Ms. MauMau too - a momentous occassion when your house becomes nappy free. Good to let the kids do it at their own speed - my little bloke decided he didn't need the napies anymore, we too gave him the week, then no more nappies. Hooray! Only needed the waterproof sheets maybe twice since and even then it was extenuating circumstances.

    One funny consequence - shorts and pants that we thought he may have outgrown suddenly fitted him again! Yes son, your bum DID look big in those nappies...

  2. tracker bracelets i thinks...but then..its like birthday parties i guess..all hell for a while, but great to look back on and they do have those special moments as well

  3. 6! are you completely out of your mind? Alone with no other help?

  4. Nah. I'm just a Level 12 Dad with bonus feats in 'control large groups', 'intimidate', and 'produce pizza'.