Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As Promised, A Few Photos

It wasn't a big photo-op sort of expedition, this trip to Melbourne. But it was fun. Here's the Mau-Mau and Younger Son in the ute which features as both obstacle and decor (and even fairway!) somewhere around the fifteenth hole of the Glow In The Dark Mini Golf Course...

Shut the hell up! I'm driving!

Same location. This is Mr B, casually draped across some of the more unconvincing scenery.

What's that, Skip? My deodorant smells like ass? Well fuck you, roo! Where have you been shoving your nose, anyway?

And here, in the 'Lightning Show' at the Science Works Museum is the Elder Son, singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I can't believe they didn't let him run with Vampire Weekend...

I don't care if it IS by Mozart. It still sucks...


  1. A new variation to add to K265...Oh MAMAN!

  2. Awesome. I want a large plastic roo. That would REALLY mess with the dogs heads.

  3. Careful what you ask for Moko. I got a pet ROO in the mail once...still have him. Quite the joke, that. Dirk told a story about how all young children in Tassieland get a ROO as a child, a real one. I bought in. Ya, ya, gullible, I know. But I SAID I wanted one....

    Great pix, thanks for sharing, Dirk!

  4. Hey ... somebody vandalized that ute and put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.

  5. Nonsense, Rhino. You're just looking at the photo backwards. It was taken in the Southern Hemisphere, remember? Just cross your eyes when you look at it and everything will be fine.

    Ginny... you were NEVER meant to fall for that one. I'm still embarrassed!