Sunday, July 1, 2012


And the Wikipedia entry is here: Grabbers!

Pure. Fucking. Genius.  

It's the central concept that won me over. Irish fishing village, plagued by tentacular monsters, discovers the monsters don't handle booze. It's toxic to them. Obviously, the villagers will have to drink their way to victory.

Damn but that is a beautiful idea. No doubt it will not be showing at my local BlandMart Cineplex in Launceston, but that's okay. I'll lay hands on the DVD as soon as possible, and we will have a late-night showing in the cinema shed, with lots of drinkage for those over the age of drinkabilization. 



  1. I admit there is a certain charm to the central concept.

    1. Oh, I'm already hoping for a sequel. Several of them.

  2. As long as there is a shout out to 'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife' by Katsushika Hokusai I'll be happy.

  3. also can recommend Joss Whedon's 'Cabin in the Woods' now showing at the Nova in Melbourne.

  4. and here is a review over at Quiet Earth who propose it as a movie that calls out for it to be a drinking game.