Friday, December 16, 2011

Early Birthday Present - A Personal Insanity

Today is young Genghis' birthday party. It's about a week early, but what do you do when your kid is born on Xmas eve?

He's getting a really cool party this year. He and nine of his friends (including his brother) are off to the new Laser Tag facility in Launceston, for a few hours of running, screaming, jumping, and laser-zapping. I expect massive carnage. I also expect a bunch of very, very tired boys.

Once we're done, we'll head back here for the triple-layer chocolate cake with peppermint marshmallow, and a bit of a backyard barbecue with the firepit and all. In the meantime - well, Genghis got permission to open one birthday present. You can see it in the pictures above.

Obviously, I've been working at it for a while. To my variously Medieval friends: yeah, I know the links are too large, and it's a bit funky around the shoulders. But you know what? That is one deliriously happy not-quite-nine-year-old boy there. And remember that the armourer who put that particular chain shirt together has no prior experience whatsoever.

Hooray for the Internet, eh? I poked around a bunch of websites, and found out how to make basic chainmail. After that, it was all just cutting and bending.

It's a bit scratchy, but the boy loves it. He hasn't taken it off. (Of course, that's going to be challenging. It's a close fit. He'll have to tip himself up and shimmy out of it. I may even remove another couple of links.)

Happy birthday, kid!


  1. Happy Birthday to Genghis, and the maille looks fine more than fit for purpose.

  2. And thank YOU, sir for tips on websites to help me become the maille-man.

  3. My pleasure, if one thing beats learning something, it's sharing it with some one.

  4. My second son is mad for chain mail - he has made some of his own, literally from scratch, but only as far as (I think) head covering and arms or something. Mind you, he also made his own ghillie/yowie suit too, with some stuff he asked me to get for his birthday. I reckon that's some good work right there, and the smile says it all!

  5. I'm not surprised he had to make it from scratch. There's not much by way of supply out there. Buying rings of any kind is a lot more expensive than rolling and cutting your own. Kudos to the lad for determination, though!