Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well, I Don't Have TB

It's true. My Mantoux Test was negative. No surprises there.

Let's see what the CAT scan has to say next, shall we?


  1. Well that’s good news.

    Did you every get a TB shot? I realise it would have lost its efficacy long ago but I am curious. I don't recall seeing the keloid scaring.

    But then your crocodilic skin may resist such a response

  2. Oh wow Flinthart, I haven't been on much lately and didn't know you were sick. :( Hope everything's o.k.!

  3. What I can add is "phew". And crossed fingers.

  4. What the heck is goin on, Dirkest?

  5. Eh. Long and complicated. But Natalie insisted I have a cough checked out, and the doc who I visited likes to be thorough. I'm pretty sure everyone on the medic side of things has missed the point, to be honest, but I'm being patient and cooperative, 'cause that's what you do.