Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Only A Flesh Wound!

Okay. I dunno about you, but to me, this is both appalling, and hilarious:

One-armed legless man bashes male nurse

The headline is linked directly to the article from the Northern Territory News, so feel free to click it. My absolute favourite line is:

"The NT News understands the 50-year-old patient assistant carer was trying to handle the disabled man when the man punched the carer repeatedly with his good arm and flailed his stumps angrily."

I know it's wrong. Yes. But... that final image just won't go away. I'm afraid there's beer in my keyboard now.


  1. It is far too easy to have a Monty Python moment with this story!

    Mind you, considering the fellow has but one arm to do everything, I imagine that arm would be mighty strong.

  2. Sure... but what does he do when he wants to drink beer and watch porn at the same time?

  3. Use a straw for the beer? Ok, that's not ideal (beer through a straw), but if you only have one arm then needs must as the devil drives!