Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chocolate And Autumn Sunshine

Ahem. First I'd like to thank Mr Barnes most sincerely. His kind gift of a starter-pack from Monster Apocalypse has now provided Elder Son and I with a sort of giant robot Mecha-type monster with which we can battle our Lords of Cthul and our World Eaters. It's nice to have something that passes for a good-guy in our battles.

And now that I've passed on that thanks, I'd like to take this opportunity to call Mr Barnes a twisted, deviant bastard because of his other gift. Which is depicted in the photo above.

That... remarkable item... is - well, it's a stylised cat, made of finest metallic-gold anodized plastic. If you're fucking stupid enough to put two AA batteries up its arse, that raised paw there on the right of the image will wave. Forward and back. For a very, very long time.

The Mau-Mau loves it, of course, so I can't legitimately take it outside and use it for target practice. Which means that the only thing I can do is find something equally charming to offer Mr Barnes in reply. Perhaps one of those vibrators shaped like Barack Obama? I don't know... I'll have to think about it.

And that there would be a shot of Big Bob and the Mini Flintharts on a perfect Tasmanian autumn morning, shortly after some determined sleuthing recovered the Easter goodies stolen by that bastard bunny. The bunny apparently sneaked into the cupboard where I'd been storing the baskets, and left a rather gloating note to the effect that he'd stolen their Easter choccies, and he was gonna start snacking on them unless they followed his clues.

The clues were a string of off-beat photographs of places around the house, as I mentioned before. Each photo led to the next, until the final revelation. The kids were jumping out of their skin with excitement, puzzling out each new photo as it appeared. A very close-up shot of the piano keyboard (showing two white and two black keys) fooled them for a while, and the brass doorknob had them stumped briefly, but most of them they figured out quite quickly. It was great fun to watch them charging in and out of the house, waving photographs, calling out the next clue, stampeding from location to location...

That would be the Younger Son, hoisted to the ceiling by Guru Bob. Smaller Son was deeelighted by the whole visit. I'm sure if he had his way, we'd have to adopt both Bob and Miz E as permanent household features.

Finally, Guru Bob in the grotesquely early morning on the Maroon Couch of Aggressively Cheerful Easter Chocolate Enhanced Children. If the wine wasn't enough to deliver a hangover, I'm sure the relentless energy and noise must have done the job. Sure as hell messed with my head, anyhow.

Glad you could make it by, Roberto -- and you too, Miz E. Don't take so damned long to schedule the next visit, eh?


  1. oooh screaming excited kids on a screaming and less excited hangover...(particularly after all the plonk you knocked off in the previous entry).

    FH - you know this already (and it's nice for utter strangers to say it)but your kids are positively gorgeous and handsome in equal measure. I couldn't help but say that!

  2. Smiling at ya.

    Nice pictures.Funny cat.Interesting, and amusing friends.

    Good to see ya Flint.
    I need to get on this thing more often.

  3. Love that first photo...looks like your kids have been playing Jack and the Beanstalk and the giant has found them stealing his golden egg stash.

  4. Mate, glad to see all is well and so is the big fella, ref your previous post, I FULLY understand the young fella being awestruck on seeing Bob for the first time, because I went.." FUCK ME, He's HUGE", its a good thing he is a nice bloke.

    Have a great Easter..all ya!

  5. Indeed... a good time was had by all. And thanks for the kind wishes.

  6. I will admit I took a risk with the shinny, waving cat. After all I didn't buy one for my_reason for living but here I was buying it for someone else.

    When I asked her about it she said she was very happy that I didn't purchase such an objet d'art.

  7. And I thought you were tall! Holy smokes!

  8. Looks like Bob had a good time down south with you guys.

    Dirk if you're now collecting such bright shiny things i've seen some even more lovely examples shall i send you one? :)

  9. Oh, SURE, Chaz. Just keep in mind that I've got one or two friends over in your neck of the woods. And that I'm reasonably infamous for being able to find hideous ways of using the postal system...

  10. I take it thats a 'NO' then?

  11. Well I was worried that Barnes' presents wouldn't get through the dogs at the airport - but obviously it wasn't an issue. Were those kids - I just thought they were hallucinations...

  12. Actually - in that photo the cat has a very Flinthart cast to its eye - maybe it has found a good home?

  13. ...the Mau-Mau is devoted to it. She shows it to everyone who comes visiting, and totes it around the house like a stuffed teddy bear.

    How come I got weird children?